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H.264 Encoder Family

VBrick’s H.264 video encoders allow you to take your enterprise video as far as you want to go. As integral parts of the VBrick ecosystem, these flexible devices can function as standalone equipment, in a mixed vendor environment or as elements within an integrated VBrick end-to-end solution.

9000 Series Presentation Appliance

The VBrick 9000 Series Presentation enables the creation and delivery of presentations using a mixture of live video/audio and screen capture.


9000 Series Encoder

The VBrick 9000 Series H.264 Video Encoder enables anyone to encode video from an uncompressed source, and stream it live onto a network for viewing.


Rack Mount Encoder

For maximum performance, reliability, density and savings in an H.264 streaming video encoder, VBrick's redundant 11-slot rack mount chassis is the answer.


Rich Media Family

VBrick’s Rich Media Family of products helps your organization do just that — transforming any presentation, lecture or event into a highly professional, memorable asset that can be shared across your own network, or around the world.

Rich Media Studio Portable HD

VBrick’s Rich Media Studio Portable HD lets you create and deliver powerful, professional presentations that blend high-definition live video with screen capture, graphic files, existing video files and audio sources.


Rich Media Studio HD

VBrick’s Rich Media Studio HD is a highly capable video and screen capture device that lets you create and deliver powerful, professional presentations. You can use it to combine high-definition live video, screen capture, graphic files and other video and audio sources.


Rich Media Studio

VBrick’s Rich Media Studio is the perfect entry-level solution for capturing content-rich meetings or events and managing the content for broadcast or on-demand viewing. The Rich Media Studio is designed for easy integration with our content ecosystem.


Rich Media Desktop

VBrick’s Rich Media Desktop enables the creation of presentations that incorporate live video from a webcam and real-time desktop screen capture. Using this powerful application, anyone in your organization can quickly become a rich-media content producer.


Mobile Apps

VBrick Mobile Applications help you harness the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend by enabling employees to use their tablets to capture, edit and upload video wherever market or customer developments occur so it can be shared across the organization.

VBrick Mix

VBrick Mix is a powerful new way to enable any employee with an iPad to generate live, mobile streaming — and at the same time, deliver desktop-grade video editing tools and controls to any iPad user via a mobile app.


VEMS Mystro

VBrick's VEMS is a complete media management system that enables organizations to create and access live and on-demand video assets, control assets with multi-level content approval, report on viewing trends and system usage, and more.


Cloud Streaming Services

VBrick’s award-winning cloud streaming service, VBOSS, provides organizations with everything they need to broadcast live to audiences — wherever they’re located, and whether they’re watching on PCs, Macs, tablets or smartphones. At the same time, it increases control over content.


VEMS SharePoint Module

VEMS SharePoint Module brings streaming video to every desktop via one of Microsoft’s most successful and widely used collaboration resources: SharePoint Server.


Network Video Recorder

VBrick’s Network Video Recorder (NVR) provides organizations with the capability to capture content from essentially any video source and make it available for on-demand viewing.


Distributed Media Engine

VBrick’s Distributed Media Engine (DME) is game-changer, optimizing and streamlining the distribution of high-def video and other rich media content across multi-site enterprises and campus environments.


Lync Streaming Gateway

VBrick’s Lync Streaming Gateway allows your employees to share sensitive video and data, collaborate in real-time and make informed command decisions — fully leveraging the full potential of Microsoft Lync.


OCS Streaming Gateway

VBrick’s OCS Streaming Gateway solution allows your employees to share sensitive video and data, collaborate in real-time and make informed command decisions — fully leveraging Microsoft Office Communicator Server (OCS).


Distributed Media Engine Video Conference Module

VBrick's Distributed Media Engine (DME) Video Conference Streaming Module Creates A Powerful New Way to Stream Conferences to Large Audiences


Video-on-Demand Server

VBrick’s Video On-Demand (VoD) Server solutions guarantee all authorized users inside and outside your enterprise has secure access to your on-demand content, whenever and wherever they need it.


Digital Signage Player

In conjunction with VBrick's video management platform and Digital Signage Content Manager, the Digital Signage player supports management and display of live broadcasts and replay of stored video.


Multi-Format Set Top Box

VBrick’s Multi-Format Set Top Box (STB) is the cost-effective choice for organizations that need to distribute high-definition IP video to TVs and large format displays.


9000 Series Decoder

VBrick’s 9000 Series Decoder ingests streams from an IP network and converts them into the highest quality video.


7000 Series Decoder

VBrick's 7000 Series Decoder is designed to deliver reliable video backhaul with high quality video for point-to-point and multicast video backhaul applications.