Cloud Streaming Services

Cloud Streaming Services

The World's Most Powerful Resource for Live and On-demand Streaming

VBrick’s award-winning cloud streaming service, VBOSS, provides organizations with everything they need to broadcast live to audiences — wherever they’re located, and whether they’re watching on PCs, Macs, tablets or smartphones. At the same time, it increases control over content: the administrator controls who can access content, and how that content is delivered.

VBOSS is highly flexible: it can be delivered independently as a cloud-based service, or delivered with other VBrick hardware and software elements. Just as importantly, VBOSS features tightly integrated elements, simplifying deployment and ensuring trouble-free broadcasts.

VBOSS allows you to broadcast live from your studio, conference room, or even your hotel room. It allows you to easily deliver webcasts and webinars, as well as on-demand video directly from your own website, without adding servers and bandwidth. Best of all, we offer it as a cloud-based service, so you pay only for what you need — and avoid the need to invest in additional equipment. 

The bottom line? You get all the tools you need to start broadcasting across town or around the globe, reaching your audience whether they are connected via desktops, TV screens or mobile devices.

Features & Benefits

  • Supports major protocols such as Flash, Windows Media and Smooth Streaming, capturing and broadcasting video.
  • Optional deployment packages include VBrick’s video streaming encoder, purpose-built for high quality and high-reliability streaming.
  • Easy integration with VBrick's video management platform to create a centrally managed, user-friendly online repository.


  • Live Event Broadcasts - 
Deliver special events, press conferences and more directly from your website.
  • On-Demand Video Streaming - Record and deliver video content on-demand such as events, speeches, public announcements and educational videos.
  • Webcasts and Webinars - Deliver live content-rich presentations live and on-demand. Use VBOSS’ integrated, interactive tools to make audience participation a breeze.
  • User Generated Content - Let your entire organization (and even customers) create and share compelling videos about you.