Nothing has the communication power of video, and with VBrick's enterprise video platform you can easily and cost effectively deliver real-time and on-demand video to all of your users-- anytime, anywhere. Rich media content can help drive people to learn about your products and services. VBrick greatly simplifies the creation and distribution of this content, making it easy to add video impact to educational webcasts, web sites, viral marketing campaigns, and many other applications. Video adds a vital dimension to information gathering. It’s timely, high-value, and can reach across your enterprise, whether you are managing a factory floor, a complex transportation infrastructure, or a military campaign. Our applications include:

  • Meeting & Event Broadcast

    Expand the reach and impact of communication. VBrick’s video management and distribution platform provides a total solution for capturing and broadcasting meeting and event video across any network, to any size audience, using any device. VBrick's video management platform and cloud streaming service provide cloud-based or on-premises management of video content.

  • Video On-Demand

    Smart solutions for optimizing video on-demand. Since 1998, VBrick has helped organizations optimize and simplify the storage and delivery of video-on-demand content, including high-definition video and other rich media. To make this valuable content accessible across multi-site enterprises and campus environments, we offer the flexibility of managing it all on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid solution.

  • Unified Communications Extension

    Enable and enhance your communication with streaming video. VBrick has initiated a new era in the integration of unified communications (UC) platforms with streaming video and rich media. As a result, we’re transforming the most advanced communication tools and resources ever created into something even more powerful.

  • Enterprise-Wide Video Distribution Network

    VBrick’s Enterprise-Wide Video Distribution Network (EVDN) capabilities are unique in the industry and enable organizations to rapidly deploy the end-to-end video infrastructure that they need to efficiently deliver high quality live and on-demand video, behind-the-firewall with optimal bandwidth utilization, to employees worldwide.

  • Digital Signage

    Advanced solutions for sharing critical and strategic messages. VBrick offers a wide array of dependable, flexible solutions to deliver attention-grabbing text, graphics, tickers and more to digital signs — creating a level of impact unavailable in other media.