About Us

Over 20 Years Of Enterprise Video Expertise

Over 20 Years Of Enterprise Video Expertise

Founded in 1998, there are few companies in the market with more video experience than Vbrick. Vbrick has been a leader in the video space since it’s start.  Our origin is codex, video encoding and editing. The Vbrick name originated from our encoders that lead the market.  Today, we have harnessed our deep video streaming experience to deliver Rev – the industry leading cloud-based enterprise video platform.  Architected from the ground up as a cloud-native video solution and, as the only first-party eCDN on the market, our unique end-to-end platform can be delivered as a cloud or cloud hybrid solution.


Growth Culture

Despite decades of operation under our belts, we welcome new ideas and challenge the status quo in order to continuously learn.


Our goal is to always improve our methods of collaborating to ensure that everyone is working together.

Results Driven

Despite our flexible and relaxed office culture, we each push ourselves hard to deliver our best every day. We are a tight knit team that delivers big results.

Vbrick’s Environmental Commitment

Vbrick endeavors to perform as a company in a conscientious manner regarding its impact on the environment.  As a software company with nominal manufacturing activities, we can keep our carbon footprint to a significantly low level, and through recycling efforts and other sustainability initiatives, Vbrick strives to promote good environmental stewardship.    

With the sustainability of resources and the environment in mind, Vbrick employees actively engage in the following:

  • Increasingly efficient levels of energy consumption
  • Reducing business travel when practicable
  • Fostering best sustainability practices amongst employees
  • Reducing the use of consumable products
  • Procuring items produced from sustainable sources

Vbrick is committed to keeping its impact on the environment as low as possible and continues to find new ways to promote global sustainability. 

The History of Vbrick




Fliqz Aquired


HQ Moved to Herndon, VA


Shelly Heiden Appointed CEO


Rev Released


Awarded Cisco Global ISV Partner of the Year


Funding led by Morgan Stanley to fuel expansion